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Computer Repair FAQ

  • How do I get my system in front of the cat•man•du Gurus?

    Please call the nearest office to schedule an appointment.

  • How should I prepare for my service?

    Please bring the hardware you are having problems with. For desktop systems, it is not necessary to bring power cords, mice, keyboards or monitors (unless your problem involves these items). For laptops, please bring the power cord. Please bring any installation or recovery media you may have. If at all possible, make sure you back up your data prior to service. If that is not possible, we do offer backup and recovery services.

  • What hardware and software does cat•man•du work on?

    We can fix just about any technology problem. The biggest deciding factor in whether or not we repair something is the cost of the repair compared to the cost of replacement. We fix desktops, laptops, tablet PCs, game consoles, iPods and all sorts of other personal electronics. We can handle all major computer operating systems and are happy to work on Macs.

  • Who will be working on my system?

    cat•man•du handles the technology needs of some of the Tri-State area's biggest banks, medical facilities, law firms and enterprise networks. When our Gurus are between projects, you get to have them focused on your technical problems.

  • What should I expect from my initial visit?

    We will discuss with you both the problems you are having and how you use your computer. As the initial consultation takes place, we will also begin diagnostic tests on the hard drive and memory to uncover some of the most common and destructive issues. If repair is the right solution, our Gurus will explain your repair options and applicable charges as they check in the equipment. The visit may take about 15 minutes.

  • How long will it take?

    One-Rates are often completed within 48 to 72 hours. Complex or elusive issues may require more time. As your service progresses, your Guru will provide updated time estimates. During the time your system is in for repair, your Guru may need to address other clients and may even need to assist a corporate client. This may delay your repair, but you will be notified of these delays.

  • Will my personal information be safe?

    Yes! We maintain a strict Privacy Policy, which applies to both the contact information you provide to us and the data on your equipment. We limit the exposure of your personal data even within our organization to the greatest extent possible. Nobody will see your personal files unless they are required to do so to perform the services you have requested. Unlike with many other technical services companies, your data will never be shared, internally or with third-parties.