11 Delicious Burgers You Can Only Order Off 'Secret Menus'

By Jamie Leach

In-N-Out's Animal-Style Burger

This menu item consists of your desired number of mustard-cooked beef patties topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, extra spread, and grilled onions.

In-N-Out's 3×3 Burger

If you're feeling extra hungry, the 3×3 Burger is sure to satisfy your appetite. 

Shake Shack's Quad Burger

To elevate this menu item further, you can order a SmokeShack Quad Burger, which is a Quad Burger topped with smoked bacon.

Shake Shack's Shack-Cago Burger

If you can't get this secret menu item made for you, you can still build it yourself by ordering a Shack Burger and Shack-Cago Dog. 

McDonald's Big McChicken

Resembling KFC's famous Double Down sandwich, which substitutes sandwich buns with fried chicken, the Big McChicken does the same. 

To assemble this monstrous menu item, you can ask for a Big Mac or McDouble, a McChicken, and a Filet-o-Fish. 

McDonald's Land, Air, and Sea Burger

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