12 Things Old People Miss The Most

By Jamie Leach

Change Is The Only Constant

Many members share that they miss life without hyper-ness: hyper fears, hyper rate of change, hyper accessibility, and hyper parenting. 

Bands on a Budget

A $500 concert ticket for your favorite band? The days of cheap concerts are over. A member recalls attending Jane's Addiction for $8 in 1989! Who's "Been Caught Stealing?"

Scent-sational Memories

Don't forget the unique scents of Tab and Fresca soft drinks, often enjoyed during a lazy summer afternoon. And, of course, the earthy fragrance of patchouli oil, a staple in many bohemian homes. 

Stars Under the Stars

The joy of adjusting the metal speaker on the car window, the anticipation during intermission, and the comfort of watching in pajamas—these are experiences many older folks deeply miss.

Arcade Memories: A Pixelated Past

Ah - the sweet sound of quarters jingling as you walked into a video game arcade! For many older folks, this was the perfect hangout destination with their friends. 

One says there was something magical about staying up late to catch a video from your favorite musician; the joy of seeing the vivid visuals that brought the song to life was unparalleled.

Music-Television Nostalgia

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