5 Foods To Eat at Each Meal for Quicker Weight Loss

By Jamie Leach

Cruciferous veggies

Adding them to fresh smoothies and omelets or savoring them as an easy-to-put-together side dish.


This green fruit is absolutely bursting with fiber and healthy fats. They're also linked to weight loss.

Whole grains

Choosing whole-grain carbs with each meal like quinoa, whole-wheat pasta, and brown rice contain more fiber and nutrients to keep you satisfied.

Nuts and seeds

Enjoy blended into smoothies, on top of yogurt, or a nutty trail mix as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Fatty fish

Studies have shown eating fatty fish may help support weight loss by regulating your appetite hormone levels. 

Enjoy low-mercury fish regularly like salmon, canned light tuna, sardines, and cod.

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