6 Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

By Jamie Leach

Refined Baked Goods

Sugary, fatty treats can lead to weight gain and make weight loss more tricky since they're not filling or nutritious.


Empty calories in the form of refined sugar but no solid volume or fiber—double whammy. Go for sparkling water or iced tea instead, says Bruning. 


If you smear sparingly—a pat of butter or a smear of cream cheese-you’ll add approximately 40 and 35 calories, respectively.

Potato Chips

Chips are not. The worst variety is, of course, the most common: white potatoes fried in vegetable oil.


Crackers are a highly addictive and easy-to-overeat salty snack often packed with sugar as preservative and potentially unhealthy oil. 

Sugary Breakfast Cereal

This leaves you with a breakfast that won’t keep you full or energized, and you’ll likely be reaching for something more in short order. 

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