Best Superfoods for a Flat Belly, Say Dietitians

By Jamie Leach

1 Avocados

This list of the best superfoods for a flat stomach begins with a popular culinary staple: the avocado. "

2 Olive Oil

n addition, research indicates that extra-virgin olive oil consumption is associated with lower blood pressure and less body obesity.

3 Chia Seeds

10 grams of fiber, while 100 grams provides 34 grams of fiber.

4 Berries

Close-up of a woman pouring a cup of blueberries into her hand, one of the finest superfoods for a flat stomach.

5 Salmon

Salmon, which is high in protein and helps control appetite and cravings, can aid weight loss efforts.

Its calcium content regulates energy metabolism, which may contribute to weight loss.

6 Yogurt

Anti-Inflammatory Snacks for the Mediterranean Diet