High-Fat Foods To Avoid If You Want To Lose Belly Fat

By Jamie Leach

1 Ice Cream

Experts advise against consuming excessive amounts of ice cream, but we're not suggesting.

2 Pizza

Pizza's cheesy, salty flavor is difficult to resist, but this high-fat, high-carb, greasy food.

3 Cookies

Desserts such as pastries, donuts, and sweets are common in many households. 

4 French Fries

Even though French fries are a standard side dish in many restaurants, they are typically fried in oil.

5 Processed Snacks

So many prepackaged foods like pretzels, chips, and cookies contain unhealthy fats.

So many of the tastiest nibble foods, particularly during football season, consist of processed meats.

6 Processed Meats

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