Worst Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss

By Jamie Leach

1 Bagels

A toasted bagel stuffed with cream cheese tastes delectable, but it is not one of the healthiest breakfast options.

2 Cereal

If your aim is to lose weight, you should avoid purchasing cereals that are high in sugar.

3 Muffins, and Pastries

Don't be fooled by the tiny portion size and decent calorie count; donuts, muffins.

4 Fast-Food

Breakfasts from fast food restaurants or restaurants do not suit the bill when it comes to weight loss breakfasts. 

5 Acai Bowls

Although acai bowls are promoted as "healthy," they are actually loaded with sugar.

A stack of warm pancakes or waffles doused in maple syrup is undoubtedly satisfying.

6 Pancakes and Waffles

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