Most Unfaithful Female Zodiac Signs

By Jamie Leach


She cares deeply about the ideas she believes in and will often make sure her voice is heard because she is an independent woman. 


If you’re the kind who likes to kick back and chill out with a nice inviting cup of coffee in your hand, then you might want to reconsider falling for that Sagittarian girl you like.


Gemini women can be increasingly unpredictable with different personas emerging based on who they’re going to be meeting. 


They can resort to unfaithful ways to deal with emotions they are unable to face. This can make them the most unfaithful zodiac sign woman so watch out. 


It’s no surprise that a zodiac sign which represents the singular spirit has a bad rep when it comes to relationships. 

So that was our list of the most unfaithful zodiac signs in reverse order of their cheating tendencies. 


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