Snacks to Beat Cravings While Dieting

By Jamie Leach

1. Soaked Almonds and Walnuts

The essential metabolism, while the protein-rich edamame boosts calorie expenditure. 

2. Sprout Salad

This high-protein snack will give your body the fortitude it needs to "go the extra mile."

3. Roasted Lentils 

The best aspect is that these can be safely stored for at least two weeks.

4. Hard-Boiled Eggs

This healthful snack is simple to prepare and requires no special skills. 

5. Veg Sandwich

They should be grilled and served with a glass of fresh juice made from seasonal fruits.

6. Pop Corn

However, like every other recipe, this should be consumed in moderation, regardless of how nutritious it may be.

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