The 6 Best Weight-Loss Motivation Tips

By Jamie Leach

Choose an Attainable Goal

But be careful about relying solely on figures. "A number on the scale isn't a goal; it's a measurement of success.

Design a Plan that Suits Your Lifestyle

In theory, you need to cut out only 150 calories a day to lose 15 pounds in a year, so start small to have a better chance at maintaining your weight loss motivation.

Put Your Plan on Paper

Start by listing all the reasons you can think of for slimming down — in other words, define your weight-loss motivation on paper. 

Keep Your Committments

If you're struggling to stick with your weight-loss motivation, practice integrity in other areas of your life.

Focus On a Feeling

Concentrate on your mood after you've eaten a healthy meal or how you feel after a great workout — weight-loss motivation doesn't always have to come before an activity.

Celebrate Every Success

Instead of waiting until you've reached the big finish line to reward yourself for weight loss, focus on small goals and give yourself rewards along the way.

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