The Best Fast-Food Fries, Ranked

By Jamie Leach


Many people claim the experience is like night and day if you’re lucky enough to get a fresh batch, straight from the fryer.

Five Guys

This one came as a surprise to me. Five Guys puts a serious emphasis on fries at the restaurant.


Culver’s offers crinkle-cut fries with an option for “fry sauce,” which is a tangy mayo-ketchup mix.


The portion size in my to-go bag was quite large, so there was definitely bang for your buck.


I was surprised that KFC even offered fries! When I crave a bucket of fried chicken, I want sides like mashed potatoes or biscuits.


These fries were made with unpeeled potatoes, so there was a little bit of potato skin at the end of each fry for texture. The fries were crisped to perfection and perfectly salted.

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