Kind of Takeout You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By Jamie Leach

Aries: Mexican

A generous portion of the traditional cake donut foundation is sufficient to sustain and energize you throughout the day.

Taurus: Italian

Additionally, remember to purchase one or two desserts as a sweet after-hours reward.

Gemini: Pizza

You will have the chance to experience something novel while delighting in an old favorite.

Cancer: Chinese

Not only will you enjoy the remnants throughout the weekend, but a fortune cookie may also contain a message.

Leo: Ramen

This dish is loaded with protein, vegetables, and a delectably flavorful broth; it will not let you down. 

Virgo: Mediterranean

You can consistently discover delectable vegetarian options that satisfy your cravings without exceeding them, thanks to the abundance of robust flavors.

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