The Donut You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By Jamie Leach

Aries: Apple Cider Donut

A generous portion of the traditional cake donut foundation is sufficient to sustain and energize you throughout the day.

Taurus: Jelly Donut

The light and airy pastry pairs perfectly with the center, and with so many fillings to try.

Gemini: Donut Holes

Furthermore, these transportable pastries serve as an ideal confection to distribute among a large circle of acquaintances.

Cancer: Lemon Donut

A pastry infused with pink and white berries and lemon is the epitome of traditional tastes and current trends.

Leo: Strawberry-Donut

Whenever you are in search of a delectable snack, treat your senses to an everything bagel.

Virgo: Chocolate Maple Donut

Additionally, it will evoke thoughts of autumn and cozy cardigan weather, making it an ideal way to commemorate the season of one's birthday.

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