The Ideal Barbecue Dish, Predicated on Your Zodiac Sign

By Jamie Leach

Libra: S'mores

Libra has a sweet tooth and their go-to BBQ most likely will include some gooey, decadent s'mores, the quintessential summer treat.

Scorpio: Spicy Wings

A beer accompanied by a platter of buffalo-style chicken wings, celery, and blue cheese at a restaurant or pub table.

Sagittarius: Hamburgers

They are able to play with an array of flavors, and the distinctive flavor offered with each different burger aligns ideally with their daring nature.

Capricorn: Steak

A steak is a dish requiring discipline and precision—qualities that Capricorns are possess in abundance.

Aquarius: Corn on the Cob

They'll enjoy the process of cooking it just right and adding an individual twist with an original seasoning mix.

Pisces: Watermelon

A slice of watermelon, with its refreshing sweetness, is a perfect end to a BBQ meal, encapsulating the Pisces.

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