Top 12 Foods That Taste Even Better the Next Day

By Jamie Leach

Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon, like most stew recipes, delivers a more intense flavor over time. Spices and herbs, like bay leaf and cloves, continue to infuse the dish with stunning flavors and aromas.


Chilies are made with bold spices and ingredients that, when given more time to absorb and meld with each other, will enhance the overall flavor of the dish. 


If you enjoy the intricate and complex aroma and flavor of a curry dish, you’ll love it even more the next day. 


Lasagna is another complex dish that consists of various layers of ingredients, each bringing a unique dimension to the dish.

Meat Pies

The combination of meat, vegetables, and starch in one bowl will yield more flavor as time develops.

Whether you are making a minestrone or noodle soup, make sure to make a big batch because you’ll experience a better-tasting meal the next day. 


Meatloaf might look unappetizing, but don’t let the appearance deceive you. It’s packed with flavor from the meat, spices, herbs, and other ingredients used for making it. 


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