Top 6 Quintessential American Foods

By Jamie Leach

Apple Pie 

Apple pie may not have originated in the US – it is believed to have been brought over by European immigrants – but it has since cemented its place in the American culinary scene.


The cheeseburger started life as a “Hamburger Steak Sandwich,” popularized in the 1890s. 


Pizza has become a varied regional American menu item, often accompanied by heated opinions about which style is best.

Nashville Hot Chicken

Legend has it that chicken entrepreneur and known ladies man Thornton Prince was served chicken coated in cayenne pepper by a scorned lover in an effort to teach him a lesson.

Biscuits and Gravy 

Nothing quite says comfort food like combining carbs with more carbs. 

Cornbread, a quick bread made with cornmeal, is a pillar of southern American cuisine. 


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