Traditional American Dishes You Need to Try

By Jamie Leach

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs feature a long, soft bun cut along the top with a sausage placed in the cut.

French Fries

French fries are an American classic. The most common variety being thin strips of potatoes fried to crisp perfection.

Chicken Tenders

Dip and dunk them into your favorite sauces like ranch, barbeque, or honey mustard. Oh, and don’t forget the fries on the side!


Where Italian pizza is typically thin with very little sauce and cheese, American pizzas range from thin crusts to deep dish.


Cheeseburgers with ketchup are probably the most common. But I’ve seen some truly insane creations – like this peanut butter burger!

Apple pie is probably America’s most beloved dessert. You’ll see it at every July Fourth bash and holiday feast – and for good reason!

Apple Pie

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