Weight-Loss Friendly Snacks For Summer

By Jamie Leach

Yogurt and Fresh Berries

Yogurt bowls are an easy-to-customize summer weight loss refreshment.


This summer fruit is one of our favorite healthful snacks, as it contains 92% water and contains only 40 calories per cup. 

Lettuce Wraps

You will have a weight-loss-friendly, protein-rich, healthy-fat-rich summer snack that will keep you feeling satisfied!

DIY Trail Mix

Typically, store-bought trail mixtures are high in calories and contain added sugar, salt, and oil.

Peanut Butter 

If you require a portable refreshment, overnight oats are ideal. With 12.5 grams of protein.

Beans are not only an excellent source of protein, but they also have an optimal protein-to-fibre ratio.

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